19 March 2010

Subaru recall WVI 18 P0420

Just got back from the dealer after bringing the Superu in for a recall that appears to have been behind the P0420 Catalyst System Below Efficiency Threshold error.


2005 Subaru Outback 2.5

137k miles


Cleared CEL

Reprogrammed ECM


wait for it............

2 NEW cats at ZERO cost to me!

Only hitch was the tech couldn't figure out how to re-install the front skid plate!!! 3 bolts and 2 locknuts. How tough can that really be to figure out? Took me 10 minutes when I got home to put it back on!


El_Freddo said...

Yeah nice! You should charge the dealer your time to refit your guard :D

Love your Outback mate! Watched your build on the forums...



El_Freddo said...

You should charge the dealer for your time that it took you to refit your bash plate!

Love your Outback, been watching the build on the forums ;)



John Ogle said...

I'm insanely jealous. I just replaced the exhaust on my 2000 OBW from the headers back to the muffler thanks to rust. $1800 that I could have spent on a Primitive skid plate, rear diff cover, a lift kit and spring upgrade and still have plenty to spare.