29 April 2010

HID Headlights and Fog Lights

It's been a bit over a month since I installed the 4500k HID headlights and the 3000k HID lights so I thought it was time to write up a quick review.

The installation couldn't be much easier and is truly plug and play. There are no wires to cut and the bulbs fit without modification to the housings. Total time to install both sets < 1 hour.

The headlamps on the 05 Outback are halogen projectors and they work very well with the HID upgrade. The design of the projectors helps to maintain a crisp cutoff so you don't annoy oncoming drivers. Biggest difference is in the way they illuminate both the road ahead and the reflective signs and markers on guardrails and in the roadway. Almost makes the highway look like a landing strip on roads with those embedded reflectors in between the stripes. 4500k is a perfect choice as it is a bright white light without that blue/purple tint that you see on many tuner cars.

The fog lamps are fantastic at 3000k. When you first turn them on they look green for a few seconds until they get to full brightness and then it's a fantastic fog light yellow that does a great job cutting through rain and fog.

These kits were purchased from DDMTuning and are probably the least expensive on the market. Quality appears quite good and if they die a premature death, than the replacement cost is not an issue since they just had another price cut!

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