02 May 2010

Superu - Phase II

And so it begins! Never able to leave well enough alone and adhering to the principle of "If it ain't broke, then modify it!", we are now embarking on Phase II of the evolution of the Superu.

Those of you who've followed the progress over the past couple of years may be surprised by the picture above. It's the start of the decal removal process that may ultimately result in a totally new appearance. Possible flat black all around with tinted glass and black painted alloys. Not sure yet, but it's time for a change. :)

Also considering a rework of the communications setup and interior storage as well as getting around to installing the transmission cooler and freeing up the exhaust a bit with removal of those pesky resonators. Not too concerned about losing the "smoothing" of the exhaust note that they are meant to provide. Stay tuned for more updates.


david.c.bryan said...


david.c.bryan said...

I just wanna say, you have absolutely the coolest Subaru I can find on the internet. I'm getting ready for a trip to Alaska in my Impreza, wagon. I only wish I had a setup like your's.

Nice work man?

Fulton said...

cool man, i googled superu because im gonna start pimping out new subarus for a new dealership. guess the name of the business? you have tons of pics , but where's any pics of the snorkel doing its thing? how much extra have you invested to achieve super status?

Sean said...

Hi there mate. Awesome Subie btw. I'm trying to do a Snorkel on my Impreza WRX Gravel Express. Where did you buy yours from? thanks in advance!

Bill said...

Hey Sean,

Thanks for the props. The snorkel is a Safari Snorkel for a Toyota Prado 120 series. I worked directly with a rep from Safari to figure out the best fit. Give them a call. They're great guys.