25 February 2010

HID Fog Light Conversion

Waiting on the arrival of a set of 3000k HID lights to replace the factory fogs. Despite the factory housings being reflector rather than projector style, the location is low enough that the light dispersion should be fairly well contained on the road surface.

Will be posting before and after pics once the update is complete. It should be a completely plug and play change with no cutting or splicing necessary.

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John said...

Bill, loved the idea so much that after reading up a bit more I bought the same kit. I got one installed yesterday, since I have to wait for a new fog light housing for a damaged fog light...bummer. Anyway, one question: how and where did you mount the transformer for your DL fog light? I looked forever for a suitable place and ended up just stuffing it somewhere where I'm sure it will fall out! Thanks for an interesting blog, LOVE what you've done to your soobie.