20 January 2010

Superu's winter fun.

Winter is barely a month old here but we've had lots of snow and the Superu has been fantastic with the current suspension setup.

Many owners of USDM 05-07 Outbacks have complained of a side to side drift on slick surfaces.

I am happy to report that the Superu has no such issues and has been flawless in all slippery conditions. To recap the suspension setup, let's take a look at what's different from stock.

Ride height: Stock springs have been replaced with a set of 4 King Springs direct shipped from Australia. This resulted in about a 1" lift.

Anti-sway bar: Next was the addition of a Whiteline rear anti-sway bar. Tightened things up nicely.

Body lift: Add to that the installation of a 2" body lift kit this spring and there you have the complete package.

The ride with the King Springs is a bit firmer than stock, but not at all harsh. Handling is tight and as mentioned above, the car is a pleasure to drive in all manner of slippery conditions.

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