20 May 2009

The Evolution of the Superu!


Brian said...

I love what you've done with your vehicle!

what trailer did you go with?
I saw your uploaded pic on http://projects.northerntool.com/customer-images/product/12542.htm

Did you go with the Utility Trailer with 40in. x 48in. Bed

Item# 12542

and then upgrade the wheels and tires?

I'm thinking of going with the stock Subaru hitch, any thoughts on that? Since this little trailer takes a 1 7/8" ball I figure the smaller receiver will be fine.

Bill said...

It's the 40"x48" w/13" wheels and spare carrier. The box is a Sears 20 cu. ft. X-cargo. I went with a Class III hitch for greater accessory options with the 2".