02 May 2009

Finally getting a few minutes to post up some additional pics.

Rear strut with spacer installed.

One of four rear carrier spacers.

The installation starts with a trolley jack under the rear carrier. Loosening the carrier bolts and lowering the carrier about 3 inches. Spacers go in, bolts go in hand tight, rear A-arms are loosened, spacers installed, bolts snugged up. Struts out, spacers on.

Gearbox spacers go in next. Same process, lower with jack, install spacers, bolts in, back up.

Front installation is pretty much the same as the rear.

It helps to have friends around to lend a hand with putting things back together.

Or in the case of the steering coupler, pulling them apart!

Of course, it helps to keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face!

Issues encountered were a stripped bolt hole, four rear carriers bolts that had to be cut down and a steering coupler that had to be cut and re-machined.

Results with 1" suspension lift via King Springs and 2" body lift via Ausubaru spacer lift:

Thanks to all who gave their time, support, encouragement, took some of these photos and provided advice along the way. Will keep everyone updated on the next adventure we take with the Superu!

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