12 July 2008

Lift kit prep

In preparation for the lift. (I know it seems like forever waiting on it, but stuff happens and we just have to roll with it and have faith in others!) :-)

I've removed the safari rack with the full sized spare and dual jerry can holder from the roof for several reasons.

Lowered center of gravity.

Reduced weight.

Reduced aerodynamic drag.

Ability to fit into the garage!

After some logistical issues, I've received word that the kit will be shipped out via Air versus Sea Mail this time and am hopeful to see it soon.

The reduced weight and drag have resulted in my ability to make just over 30 mpg on my daily 110 mile commute which has made me very happy since the savings can be applied towards the extra fuel we use in lower gears off road. Especially on the sand where we need to keep a lower gear and higher rpm's in many spots to maintain adequate forward motion.

And yes, that is the 20 cu. ft. cargo box from my trailer sitting on the roof. Decided to minimize what we take with us on our camping trip this summer and make things simpler by hauling the essentials in the box without worrying about the trailer. The box comes off as soon as the trip is over!

Be nice.


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