24 January 2013

Update on King Springs

There's nothing like living in a place with more dirt roads than paved to make you appreciate a good set of aftermarket springs.  In preparation for installation of the lift kit on the Superu, I installed a set of King Springs that I sourced direct from the manufacturer in Australia.  Here's a couple of shots of them.

Combined with fresh KYB GR2 shocks these springs provide a firm but forgiving ride and help to take the cringe out of the ruts and holes that seem to be in an unending supply up here.  The stance of the car was close to original with just a slight lift in the back which helps to offset the extra weight of carrying a full sized spare and extraction gear like the hi-lift jack, shackles and tow straps.  Overall, I'd say these springs were well worth the investment and would recommend them for anyone looking to improve the offroad capability and comfort of their 3rd generation Outback.

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