06 June 2012

Took the Superu with us up north.

For those of you who've followed the Superu over the years, you know pretty much all there is to know about this great little Subie.  In the interest of enlightenment for those of you who haven't followed the build, I'll give a brief rundown.

Started out as a base 2005 Subaru Outback wagon.  Over several years, many modifications and enhancements were made.  Some have remained and some have been removed or changed.  What is here today is the current iteration of the Superu.

  • 2005 Subaru Outback wagon 2.5l H-4, 4 spd automatic transmission, 170,000 miles
  • Power windows, power locks, all the standard airbags, full sized spare on matching wheel.
  • Primitive Racing skid plates front and rear
  • Safari Snorkel custom fitted by the 4X4 Center - So. Burlington, VT
  • King Springs for approx. 1" suspension lift. - direct from Australia
  • BYB Lift Kit for approx. 2" body lift. - direct from Queensland, AU
  • Nicro Solar Cabin Vent - exhausts hot air when the car is left in the sun.
  • Original cloth seats replaced in 2011 with black leather seats from Legacy GT.
  • Carpet replaced in 2011 with brand new Subaru black carpet to match seats.
  • Oil changed every 5k miles with synthetic.
  • Tires rotated every 6k miles.
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Unknown said...

can you post some pictures of the snorkel from the inside? I want to install one on my 2000 outback, but wanted see how you did it. And do you need any extra part other than what comes with the safari snorkel kit? Thanks, Tate

Unknown said...

What snorkel kit was used on this build?

Superu said...

Safari Snorkel from a Toyota Prado 120 was used on this build. Modifications needed to relocate MAF and some cutting of metal between engine bay and fender was required.