14 December 2011

The SUPERU is back!!!!

After a brief sojourn, the Superu is back in my driveway! It's a long story, but ends well enough as the Subie is now back with me for another fun (hopefully snow filled) winter!

I'll likely be offering it for sale again in the spring, so stay tuned.

UPDATE:  There has been additional interest lately in buying the Superu.  Since I have the winter tires on my other vehicle, I may entertain selling before the spring.  All inquiries may be sent to my email address in the comments below.  Details about the car are all over the blog! 


Unknown said...

Hi, I just got an 05 outback, which looks just like yours, and was wondering where you got the rally decals from? Thanks

Pat said...

Bill, I am interested in this car. Could you please post your email address so that we can continue this conversation. Best Regards, Pat

Unknown said...

I'm very interested in the purchasing of this vehicle pleace get back with me. Ryan

Superu said...

RE: Comment 1) Decals are from rsvrrider on ebay.

RE: Comments 2 & 3) wbanasatgmaildotcom