21 November 2007


For the winter months, i've removed the rack and relocated the spare and sand/snow ladders to the interior.

Initial MPG results show an increase of ~3 mpg.

On the wickedly big plus side of things, the lift kit shipped from Australia a week ago Monday and should arrive in another week or two. (On the proverbial slow boat from China! Ok, AU actually but you get the idea!) Emergency winter survival supplies are also on board. You can't be too careful you know. Unless you happen to be my new mate from Ireland who has me interested in the Mongol Rally!

I thought I was slightly nuts for my interest in the Alcan 5000, but this is certainly more nuts! At least I can take the Superu on the ALCAN. Looking to hit the Summer rally first and move up to the insanity of the Winter event.

Will update soon when lift kit arrives!

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twodeadpoets said...

If you every take your friend up on the Mongol Rally and you need another person, let me know!
My wife and I are considering spending a year or two there and would love to help in an event like this.
Subhuman (aka carl)