16 August 2007

A few more details on the Superu

Northward on South Hero Island, VT

The Superu is presently equipped with:

  • Lift Springs from King Springs in Australia
  • Safari Snorkel & pre-cleaner custom fitted.
  • Rally Armor Mud flaps
  • Dell Laptop with BT GPS
  • Storm Predator III software
  • Delorme Topo and Streets
  • Black Rat hand winch
  • Hi-Lift jack w/ Jack Guard case
  • Lightforce 240 XGT and 170 / Driving & Fog lights
  • Yaesu 2m HAM radio
  • Cobra 40 channel w/weather alert
  • Nicro solar powered cabin vent
  • JDM Subaru rain visors
  • GoLight wireless remote rear light/Swivel-Tilt-Pan
  • 152 db multi-trumpet air horns w/onboard tank & compressor
  • Scepter NATO Fuel & Water cans
  • Primitive Racing front skidplate
  • Surco rack with full size spare and shovel & axe
  • OKOffroad Aluminum sand ladders
  • Yokohama Geolandars
  • Standard supply of recovery accessories including snatch block, winch extension, D-shackles, etc.
  • Warn xd9000i multi-mount winch
  • Optima D35 Yellow Top AGM Dual purpose battery
  • Engel 45l Fridge/freezer
  • Home built cargo trailer painted to match car (Planning to upgrade to a
    tent equipped expedition trailer once we get the lift kit and winch mounts done)
  • And of course, 3 car seats for the boys and a dual headrest mounted Philips DVD for the extended stretches on asphalt!
  • High voltage security system to keep poachers away! :-)

Here's a few pre-snorkel shots at the end of the East Beach sand trail. 2 miles in and nothing but Jeeps and big rigs along the way. No one believed the Superu had what it takes to handle the trail. Props to Paul Ecklund at Primitive Racing for the front skidplate which helped to plow a bit of sand in the high spots and to King Springs for the extra 1" of lift on top of the 8.5" clearance from the factory!

Additional carry on items include:

  • Air-Zone 4 person tent
  • Eureka 16x20 tent
  • Toolbox Grill
  • Coleman Fold-n-Go 2 burner stove
  • Subaru Severe Weather Companion
  • SteriPEN UV-light water purifier
  • Craftsman Tool Set
  • SuperWhite LED headlamps (for human heads, not the car!)
  • McMurdo FastFind Plus 406Mhz Emergency Locator Beacon w/GPS
  • Swiss Firesteel & waterproof tinder.

I think I can, I think I can...

Where's that darned snorkel when you need it?

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Expedition sponsors welcome! ;-)

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